Prospective and Current Graduate Students

I supervise students on a wide range of political economy topics, using multiple and varied methods.  

Current and former students and their dissertation topics:

David Stuckler, PhD. 2009. (Assistant Professor of Political Economy, Department of Public Health and Population, Harvard):   Neoliberalism and the             Postcommunist Mortality Crisis

Liang Guo, PhD. 2011. (Assistant Professor of Management, Rouen Business School, France): The Impact of Venture Capital on Economic Growth in Europe and the USA

Piotr Ozieranski, PhD. 2012. (Postdoc, Leicester, UK): Lobbying in Postcommunist Poland.

Jonathan Kennedy: Maoist Insurgency in India

Marc Michael: Microfinance in Egypt

David Korn: Energy, Ecology and Economic Growth in China

Sujuan Xie: Political Capitalism in China's Small and Medium Firms

Andrew Gruen: The Political Economy of Citizen Journalism

Gabor Scheiring: Explaining Postcommunist Performance after the 2008 Financial Crisis

Mihaly Fazekas: State capacity in Hungary-Characteristics, causes, impacts

Victor Roy: The Governance of Global Health and Disease

Raphael Korn: Wage shares in advanced economies. 

Thomas Stubbs: Explaining the rise of mega-slums in less developed countries. 

Neesha Harnam: The health costs of financial crises in East Asia: macro, meso and micro data. 

Damir Zhandossov: A comparison of capitalism in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.